What Does a Computer Engineer Do and How to Become One

Computer Engineering or more commonly known as Computer Science Engineering is a technical field that deals with many computational and engineering-related disciplines. For years, computer engineering has been a dominant area that intrigues students. With countless benefits and lucrative job profiles, computer engineering is something that you must consider if you are much involved and interested in technology. Contrary to popular beliefs, this area of computer science is still as relevant as ever.

What Exactly is Computer Engineering

To Start, computer engineering is a fusion between computer science and electrical engineering. The area is used to develop new advancements and technologies that prove efficient for the community. One is safe to assume that computer engineering helps with the hardware and the integration of softwares in computer science. In other words, it’s an engineer’s job specializing in the computer field.

To the primary question of what computer engineers do, it is a job of building, designing and maintaining hardware aspects of modern computers. The major challenge in this line of work is integrating software and hardware in unified safety and efficiency. Often regarded as the profession of extreme measures, computer engineers must be well trained and knowledgeable to carry out the tasks involved. Therefore, the demand for computer engineers is ever high, and they are valued based on their qualifications and experience. However, without years of experience, you can easily secure a big role in an MNCs as a computer engineer.

How to Become a Computer Engineer?

The way to pursue a computer engineering career directly comes from your qualifications. The program or degree you obtain here is not now set and can be flexible. For instance, a program like computer engineering, electrical engineering or even computer science can get you a job in the computer engineering field. However, in general, you must have at least a bachelor’s and a master’s degree to avail the best opportunities in computer engineering.

Having a single qualification like a bachelor’s is also not so bad. However, job roles and positions require core knowledge and expertise in computer engineering. If your stubble in the later stages of your career, you will know that having a master’s degree here not only gets you promotions but also allows you to apply for different job roles in the industry. A computer engineer must have relevant skills to get things done for a job. These mentioned subjects are most common in computer engineering; if you wish to become a computer engineer, you must have mastered at least two or three major subjects here.

The subjects you need to master in computer engineering are:

  • programming
  • Computer architecture
  • hardware & software (computers)
  • electrical design
  • mathematics

Top Universities for Computer Engineering

Being a discipline of computer science and engineering, finding a computer engineering master’s program is not much of a challenge. However, this is exactly what makes it more serious. Because thousands of universities offer computer engineering courses, you have to be extra aware. Choosing the right destination for your studies will directly affect your future scope. A master’s in computer science & engineering program is quite technical and needs much attention.


What you need is the list of top options you can target. Having a sort-out list beforehand is handy when choosing the best program abroad. Here are 10 of the best computer science and engineering universities around the globe that you target. Getting your degree from a top university abroad will eventually carry you in your career. Please do not underestimate this aspect, for you will regret it later.


Rank University Location
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
2 Stanford University USA
3 Carnegie Mellon University USA
4 National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
5 University of California, Berkeley USA
6 University of Oxford UK
7 Harvard University USA
8 University of Cambridge UK
9 EPFL Switzerland
10 ETH Zurich Switzerland



Computer Engineering is a field that is very relevant in current times, seeing the developments in technology. Digital modernization and industry development promote computer engineers and offer big paychecks. If you have a recent graduate who has done their bachelor’s, it’s time to look for a master’s degree in computer engineering. Check out mim essay review to get the process started. Sort out your goals, preference, and budget and get on it. Waiting will only waste your valuable time.

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