Top 3 Tools Used in Content Writing

First, we have to tell some about content writing. Content writing is a way through that we learn writing, editing, and introducing new content in a digital format. That content includes the various thing that is given below in sequence. We start by discussing the 3 basic tools used in content writing commonly. In other words, we also said that the 3 necessaries required tools in content writing.

As we know, Tools are the basic need of any writing. Even for simple writing, you have to use some rules represented as a tool. The best and most effective top three tools used in content writing are given below. The tool is named Microsoft word, google chrome as a search engine, and last Grammarly. These three tools are declared the top 3 tools used in content writing. Moreover, more common tools are used in writing according to purpose and requirement.

Microsoft word:

Microsoft Office provides the feature of Microsoft word. it is also declared as a part of MS office. It is a basic tool we use during writing. It is helpful to create a professional quality document. Which include letter, reports, resume, etc. it provides a variety of features which are given below in the numeric form

  • Font style, size, and color.
  • Header and footer.
  • Images are inserted.
  • Table and bulleted list option
  • Page layout setting.
  • Word art is also included.

Moreover, page layout is considered an advanced option of MS word and includes options save or save as an option for a Docx file. You also save your file in pdf form. Furthermore, that also includes web files and text files.


Secondly, we never forget the basic tool, one of my favorite Grammarly. It is also declared and considered a trusted app. That is so simple tool and easy to use. It is helpful to maintain accuracy and remove grammatical mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, etc. you can install Grammarly by using different browsers such as chrome, safari, FireFox, etc. Even that is free of cost. You can use that tool online, offline, anywhere, at any time, and under any restriction.

Search Engine: 

Search engines help to search out about multiple things more over they are helpful to identify the latest keywords or phrases. It provides a faster result. It is also considered a basic tool. Providing the latest worldwide information related to none of these things is helpful. We also called that a bank of information. Furthermore, there is a variety of search engines given below.

  • Chrome
  • Google scholar.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Start page.
  • Duck go.
  • Swiss cow.
  • ru.
  • com.


Last but not least, all three are basic and amazing content writing tools. That is why all these are considered the top 3 content writing tools. When we properly use these tools, we get satisfied with our writing. It is also easy for the reader to understand clearly in a meaningful way. The most important and fantastic thing about these apps is they are all free of cost and take no charges for any work, as I conclude all, so all search engines are used to get the latest and updated word is a feature of the office used during writing to maintain their writing style. At last, Grammarly is an amazing tool used in various ways to understand the reader clearly.

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