The 6 Biggest Laravel Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Laravel is one of the unknown open-source PHP frameworks for the web, introduced by Taylor Otwell in 2011 in a laravel api development attempt to provide better capabilities for the CodeIgniter framework, which currently does not offer features such as – Integrated consumer authentication and authorization guidelines.

Laravel tries to take the pain out of improvement by enabling tasks not commonly used in a web project, such as authentication, routing, session, and caching, and grow into a better PHP development framework.

 Without compromising the functionality of the software, it makes developers happy. But it is not always smooth to draw in the new technology, there must be some key factors that you want to keep even if it is done.

Here is a list of some of the biggest mistakes that developers make when designing a Laravel framework, but laravel api development can avoid them. Below are some helpful steps you can take in Laravel development to benefit more than just performance.

Application Key

however, your stoner and other translated data will not be safe if the work button is not configured.


The next thing to do after installing Laravel is to set the job key to an arbitrary string. However, this key laravel web development company was previously installed for you by the PHP handwork key induce command when you install Laravel through Composer or the Laravel installer.

Normally, this string should be 32 characters long. The button can be enabled. road train district. If you haven’t already renamed train.env.example to env, you should do so now.

Web server configuration

If the htaccess train that comes with Laravel cannot be used with an Apache installation, it tells you that a web server configuration is required.


Laravel includes public /. htaccess train is used to provide URLs without the index.php front-end controller in laravel website development company the path. Before serving Laravel from Apache, make sure the mod_rewrite module is enabled so that the htaccess file is recognized by the server.

seed database

To make the middle ground easily accessible, you can take care of the so-called “database starters” – the basic data that is the first database content to start the design. There is a laravel development companies possibility that the product will not be the same after you go to the live server.


Then there are some important points to fix the problem –

You need to bring a garson in the same way as a live garson. Same operating system, web-server configuration, etc.

 A very common mistake is for custom laravel development developers to run local testing with Windows operating systems and Apache Web while the middleware/product server is running on Linux using Nginx.

Another important note: The customer must actively participate in this test. At this point, not only special testing needs to be done, but also business sense – goods can be lost or neglected.

Remove development configuration

sometimes an inventor can be in a hurry and forget to remove the development and configuration variables and this Laka download is for the product locale. This can be disastrous for live operations.


Any user needs to have a staging relief that imitates the relief of a product that lives by the law of life. many new inventors try to skip the staging and go straight from development to production to save time. This is a mistake because staging can help you identify problems you missed during development.

However, you can still catch them before they reach the product locale if you accidentally forget to remove the configuration or don’t find a bug before staging.


To save time in the short term, most Laravel developers do not use the migration feature. This is not the correct way to manually create a new database table and directly add new columns to the database table.


They must use database migration to add or change anything in the database. Migration is a great way to define table structures without the hassle of writing a lot of SQL queries. Indeed, migration can be similar to Git because it allows you to make incremental changes, roll back changes, and keep your database structure in sync when multiple teams are working on the same operation. 

It keeps all records of how the database was created and modified over time, and migrations and seedings make it easy to redeploy operations or distribute them to others.

Don’t forget to run backup

Sometimes many inventors use backup techniques poorly and don’t back up the data, and they end up doing a lot of work on the design.


Sometimes many inventors have bad backup practices. There is no need to do hourly backups, but backups best laravel development company should be done daily if you are doing design-critical work. Always reboot if the backup saves hours of recording in case you lose data in the event of a drive failure.

nevertheless, make a backup copy of the system, so that you do not lose the results – and hours of work and have to recode it If you find it difficult to understand the problem in the law. Backups can also save you from missing deadlines if an item turns out to be crooked.

You should also create a backup for the guest in the rare event that the customer experiences a critical failure and no backup is available. It’s a nice gesture and you can help the customer out of a difficult situation.


We hope you enjoy this blog. These are the Biggest Laravel Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid through threw above-given soluation. If you guys looking for web development services, and want to create the best Laravel business site then contact 8therate.

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