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Overview of Paid Social Platforms


Social media boasts ideal advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses because it has a wealth of data and insights about user demographics, behavior, and interests. We introduced you to the advantages and disadvantages of using  “PPC In Digital Marketing” social media for PPC last month, as well as the differences it has from paid search advertising.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the most well-liked social media platforms and how they can aid in the expansion of your business.

The benefits of Facebook ads

Facebook, which has more than two billion active monthly users, is currently the best social advertising platform. Because there is no minimum spend requirement on the platform, advertisers of all sizes can take part, regardless of their spending capacity. For thorough information if you’re just starting out, go to Facebook Blueprint courses.

The targeting option in Facebook Ads is one of its main benefits. The platform enables advertisers to specifically target users based on detailed demographic information about their age, gender, location, language preferences, interests, and even platform usage. Facebook has the greatest reach, but it can also be specifically targeted to your most pertinent audience.

Facebook provides retargeting and lookalike audiences by monitoring user behavior. This entails that you can analyze valuable data about user behavior and retarget users who have previously interacted with your ads with new ads. Lookalike audiences show you the market segments most likely to be useful to you, such as by downloading:

Advertisements for eBooks, Coupons, and Whitepapers may also offer limited-time deals, sitewide savings, and free shipping.

Negative aspects of Facebook ads

Numerous advertisers have observed a clear trend on Facebook, which is a decline in organic reach. As a result, more advertising money is needed to reach users.

Because the Facebook algorithm only shows ads to users who are most likely to click on them, advertisers who measure the effectiveness of their ads by how many clicks they receive may be misled.

Facebook advertisements require more creative work than paid search, preferably in the form of videos or with extremely compelling images.

Remember to make your advertisements mobile-friendly as well!


If you’re looking to market your goods or services to the demographic of people under 35, Instagram has the best advertising reach. The total audience of 894.9 million users, with a 50.3% female share and a 49.7% male share, is reported by Instagram in January 2019.

Because of the platform’s emphasis on visual content, photo, video, carousel, and collection ads are the most popular ad formats. The advertisements can be seen on Instagram’s main feed or in Instagram Stories, and they look like regular posts with the word “Sponsored” at the top.

It should be noted that those collection ads lack a headline, but you can add up to 90 characters of text to the image instead. The Stories section’s images and videos, which run for up to two minutes, will appear in the user’s feeds in between naturally occurring stories.

Like Facebook, Instagram offers lookalike audience targeting, which uses an algorithm to identify comparable audiences that might be particularly receptive to your advertising.

You should probably use hashtags on this platform more than any other because they give you access to a wider audience of potential fans and customers.


You can pay for clicks, engagement, new followers, impressions, or clicking links to open/install apps on Twitter depending on your business and campaign goals.

Only 34.5 percent of Twitter users are female, making men the majority. According to reports, there are 250.8 million users in the entire market.

What’s the process for advertising on this platform?

Twitter offers the option to automatically promote your tweets, or you can manually create ad campaigns based on your advertising objectives.

The tweet that is used for marketing purposes may already exist or may be brand-new.

Avoid using hashtags and mentioning other users in your tweet ads to avoid sending your potential customers to other websites or Twitter accounts.


Pinterest is a website for storing ideas and pictures. Promoted Pins are Pinterest advertisements that function similarly to organic pins.  “PPC In Digital Marketing the audience is overwhelmingly made up of women, and 42% of US women use the platform.

Pin advertisements come in a variety of forms:

The term “Promoted” vanishes and the post remains on the website as an organic pin if a user saves your promoted pin to one of their Pinterest idea boards.

The platform acts as a stage in the sales process, but it does not always result in a transaction. The effectiveness of Pinterest ads is significantly impacted by seasonal trends and product or ranges that are time-sensitive. For instance, you should begin running pertinent promoted pins a month and a half before the Christmas season if you retail advent calendars.


LinkedIn is a great way to inexpensively connect with important decision-makers if your business is B2B. Men and women make up equally two-thirds of the audience, which is primarily between the ages of 30 and 64. Given that 44% of LinkedIn users make more than $75,000 a year, it is an audience with greater purchasing power. LinkedIn offers a variety of campaigns, including:

A highly focused audience that has been segmented by age, industry, company size, location, and other factors will see your advertisement. Your target market is reduced to its essentials, allowing you to connect with high-quality leads.

Let’s say your company provides videography services to Leeds public relations firms. You can specifically target senior managers at local PR firms with more than 50 employees with your ads. Reaching the business-driven decision-makers is very valuable and has a high potential for return on investment in a business-to-business model.

LinkedIn ads are a fantastic way to increase brand recognition, encourage interaction and website visits, as well as produce leads and ultimately conversions.

Additionally, you can use the platform’s email marketing feature, Sponsored In Mail, which works similarly to Google email ads. In order to increase the open rate, users only receive sponsored mail while they are active on LinkedIn.

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