How to be a stay at home mom (SAHM)

Congratulations! Birth is unbeatable. You’ll want to snuggle, smile, and celebrate milestones with your newborn. You may be wondering how to afford being a SAHM if you dread going back to work after 12 weeks.

High daycare costs make working full-time less appealing. twins or toddlers. Center-based daycare costs $14,117 annually.

Giving up a full-time salary is difficult. This article will help you eliminate unnecessary expenses so you can be with your kids 24/7.

 SAHM finances

46 states have more SAHMs. From 2017 to 2019, 60% more parents are staying home to provide childcare. Mississippi has the highest percentage of SAHDs (6.5 percent).Iowa has the fewest SAHMs.

Organize your budget if staying home full-time sounds appealing. So you can be a SAHM. Let’s do some arithmetic.

Budget before becoming a SAHM

First, analyze recent bank statements. Note the recurring payments to track:

  • Rentals
  • Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Groceries
  • Netflix-like memberships
  • Phone/cable
  • Clothes
  • In/out?
  • Entertainment
  • Exercise

Keeping track of your spending helps you save money. You can exercise at home instead of joining a gym.

Compare insurance, electricity, and mobile phone rates. You’ll save more if you cut these bills by $10/month

How to not be a SAHM

Next, determine your quitting costs. Work is expensive. Spending on:

  • Visit (gas, public transport).
  • Food (lunch or breakfast)
  • Coffee-to-go
  • Cheers!
  • Birthday gifts, etc.
  • Include daycare if you plan to return to work. average of three daycares or nannies’ rates.

Expect surprises.

Determine if your partner’s pay can cover your basic expenses. Consider how you’ll pay for unforeseen costs.

  • Autowork
  • Roofhole
  • Substitute TV
  • We recommend accumulating 3-6 months of food, rent, transportation, and utilities. If you have this pot before going to one paycheck, you’ll be prepared.
  • Stay-at-home parents, consider health insurance.
  • Families worry about affording medical coverage for their children.
  • Before reducing to one pay, find out if your partner’s company provides healthcare. Every child on your policy can raise costs.

Save up.

Diapers, formula, baby clothes, toys, and birthdays may bankrupt young families.

As a single mom, conserving money may be hard. You can save by sticking to a budget. Start saving for your baby’s college education early.20% of your salary is a better buffer than 10%. Stay-at-home parents should budget for this.

Homemakers should plan.

How do I become a SAHM? Prepare during pregnancy.

Changes occur. Okay, Many moms don’t want to return to work after a brief maternity leave.Not ever. Cut your budget quickly to understand your numbers and establish a plan.

Baby savings

You should:

  • Cheapen
  • Budget
  • Budgeting

Some of your funds will go towards a stroller, crib, baby monitor, and car seat. Stay-at-home moms save money in advance.

Evaluate the living situation

Your home may not be child-friendly after having a baby. Young, single people should live downtown near friends and city life.Do new moms require pricey city apartments? Rent and mortgages are lower in smaller communities. Living space is increased. Stay-at-home moms should downsize.

Mom’s budget

A mom’s decision depends on her budget. Credit cards and loans can lead to debt without one.

styles include:

  • Wallets
  • Breakout%
  • Backward budgeting
  • Budget-zero

Choose a home budgeting method.



A baby could change your life. You’re apprehensive about being a SAHM. Save money by:

  • Avoid eating out
  • Cook instead of ordering out.
  • used apparel
  • Amazon and eBay have deals.
  • No iPhone upgrade.
  • Keep the automobile.
  • Stay-at-home moms learn to be frugal.

5 money making ideas for stay-at-home mums

Being at home doesn’t imply losing your salary. Many stay-at-home moms have booming side businesses.financially! It’s rewarding for moms to pursue a passion beyond nursery rhymes and sniffles.



Stay-at-home moms can generate extra money with a blog. A domain and hosting cost $50-100 a year.Choose a specialization, such as your past career, hobby, or mommy suggestions. Regular writing and commenting is essential.

How come? Bloggers make money through affiliate income. You get a commission for website recommendations.


If you’re home with your child, why not offer childcare? Daycare aids stay-at-home moms.financially! You may help other kids while offering your own playmates.Daycare is harder than babysitting. You’ll need a license, a CPR certification, and other paperwork.If your home isn’t suitable, rent a daycare. Professional caregivers may earn start-up funding.

 Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is flexible and lucrative. If you have administrative or business experience, you can offer virtual assistant services to business owners to manage emails, calendars, social media, bookkeeping, and more.

If you’re poor, the startup costs are low. Promoting your services attracts customers.Some virtual assistants use PPC or social media to drive website visitors. Some virtual assistants work for agencies.


If you have applicable skills, freelancing can grow with your family. A laptop and broadband are required. Freelancers include content producers, graphic designers, and web designers.Fiverr and Upwork provide freelancers with low-paying jobs. Here’s how to promote your portfolio.


Transcribing audio requires fast typing and good listening. Doctors may need conference audio transcribed.Home-based transcribers transcribe encrypted files. Sign up with Scribie and take an easy exam to get started.Time crunch? You can conduct these jobs remotely.

Once your baby has a healthy sleep routine, you can work between lunch and the evening.

Homemaker advice

After reading our tutorial, decide how to balance work and family. Permanent nothing.If you don’t like working, become a SAHM. If full-time homeschooling doesn’t work, that’s fine. Your partner can stay home while you work.

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