GMAT vs GRE if you are planning to do MBA Abroad

MBA (Master of Business Administration) has gained students’ attention, particularly in recent years. The main reason is that it has proved to be a promising career course for business enthusiasts.

However, students often face problems due to the confusion between GMAT and GRE. Let us clear this confusion by understanding the basic criteria for MBA abroad. The applicant must be a graduate of a renowned university and must pass the minimum cut-off score of their dream university. Every course has various entrance tests. Similarly, the criteria for MBA admissions are the qualifications of exams like GMAT, GRE, etc. You can apply for MiM in France if you are planning not to give GMAT. However, it differs for every institution, creating confusion amongst students due to the lack of knowledge about which one is better for them. Thus, this article will be dealing with GMAT vs GRE.

One of the most important qualifications you must adhere to for getting admission to your favourite university abroad is to mention your graded tests in the application form. It enhances the likelihood of your acceptance into the course. Amongst GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) examination and GRE (Graduate Record Examination), you have the option to go for either one. However, it is vital at this point to make the right decision. Let us clear this confusion by understanding both of them and their differences.

Let us first understand the exam format of the GRE and GMAT.


GRE evaluates skills like verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning. The paper includes three big sections along with two sub-sections.


This paper evaluates verbal reasoning, analytical writing, quantitative, and integrated skills. So here, you have one extra section as compared to GRE.

Which exam to appear for? GMAT or GRE?

Before deciding that, you must do one of the essential things. Find out about the exam policies of your favourite schools. Here you will get top colleges in Ireland that accept only GMAT. Schools usually mention the entrance exam they accept and prefer on their website. It is advised that you check it directly with the admissions office to avoid any misunderstanding.

Which exam do Business Schools prefer? GMAT or GRE?


GRE is a widely-accepted admissions exam as graduates use it to apply for various programs. However, the difference here is that the GMAT is usually used only to apply to business schools.

Thus, you must choose GMAT if you’re confident about your interest in the MBA program and business school. It would be best if you took the GMAT as it shows your dedication and commitment to the program you are interested in.

The GMAT checks you on this point through sections like Integrated Reasoning, where they check whether the applicant has a sense of idea about what’s stored for them in business schools and what they need to do there. Schools also believe that providing GMAT scores indicates that the applicant is confident about his career goals and the business school they wish to study at.

Difference between the cost of GMAT and GRE

The GMAT exam is slightly more expensive than the GRE. The fee for GMAT provides five score reports for free compared to the GRE, which provides only four. So candidates who think they are not prepared enough and have to give the exam a couple of times need to bear that extra cost for preferring the GMAT.

If you wish to apply for scholarships, you must include scores from a particular exam to become eligible. Thus, you must remain aware of the scholarships associated with these tests.


The main difference between these two entrance tests is that the GRE is a general test, and the GMAT is particularly designed for business schools. However, other major universities have also started accepting the GRE for admissions in their business schools. So, if a candidate has given the GRE test, they need not worry as the schools turn the GRE scores into GMAT scores and analyse your application accordingly.

Moreover, looking at the exam’s difficulty level, you will realise you should take GMAT if you are confident about topics like geometry and analytical algebra. It also tests your problem-solving skill, but you don’t get a calculator. On the other hand, the GRE is a quantitative exam and comparatively less difficult. The best part about GRE is that they allow you to use a calculator during the exam.

In short, considering the above factors, you must choose the one that best suits your career goals.

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