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Chart-Topping and Cheap Whiteboard Animation Software For 2022

Are you into an animation production company or sells animation service as a freelance designer? No matter what you do or who you are, if you want to create high-quality, attention-detailing, and highly compelling animation for your portfolio, or clients, here is everything you need to know before you kick start.

In this Article…

I will narrow down the best and most affordable whiteboard animation software that makes your video animation stands out. Here’s the list of the top 04 Animation Tools you should need in 2022. 

Make sure you read the whole article to check the pricing, features, and comparison between the best. So without any further ado, let’s go!

Here’s the List of Top 03 Software Animation | Must-Check Tools In….

  • VideoScribe
  • Moovly
  • Animaker

The first Is – VideoScribe: Software That Makes The Best Animation:

Best For: Creates Eye-catching video content quality

Available at: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web-based

Users: Small to large-scale businesses and freelancers

Deployment: Cloud-based & On-premise

Free trial only for: 07 Days

Pricing: For single user: 17.50/month & for team licenses: $145/user

VideoSribe is one of the best whiteboard animation software that allows users to create highly-exceptional animation in a quick time. Without spending many dollars or hiring an expert designer, you can create flawless and eye-capturing videos for your brand.

These features of VideoScribe make it explicit in the market:

  • The most appealing feature is the 09 different aesthetic textures for the background.
  • It also features a wide range of 13 hand styles along with background textures. Among them, one is the monster hand.
  • The image library is huge and has ample space for over 6000 images. Also, the 40 different categories VideoScribe offers have buildings, shapes, animals, etc.
  • The software enables us to use customizing options to create a flexible image.
  • The software allows the creation of 3 different charts.
  • Users can also experience integrated recording options for voiceover.
  • More than 300 copy-free audio is available there.
  • It helps in creating high-definition videos.

Verdict: According to popular opinion, VideoScribe has become one of the amazing whiteboard animation software that provides high-definition results. It is an affordable option for small-scale businesses, as well as for large businesses. Moreover, it is a feature-rich animation tool.


  • No direct MP4 support
  • No fine-tuning of custom images
  • Unsatisfying audio control.


  • Monthly Plan – $17/month
  • Yearly Plan – $96/year
  • Quarterly Plan – $35/3 months

The Second Is – Moovly: Animation Software Results That Stand Out:

Best For: With easily customizable templates creating videos has become handy.

Available at: Android, iOS, Web-based

Users: Small to large-scale businesses and freelancers

Deployment: Cloud-based

Free trial only for:

Pricing: Free, Pro: $24.99/month & Max: $49.92/month, etc.

Moovly is a game-changer and affordable whiteboard animation software established in 2012. It is an online tool that allows users to create high-end animation, explainers, and innovative promotional videos for their businesses.

These features of VideoScribe make it outstanding in the market:

  • Moovly is the number one choice for its unique and attractive transitional effects and animations.
  • It has a perfect procedure for collaboration and manages an ideal workflow team management.
  • The software has the highest, over 1 million assets.
  • Moovly is an animation software that actually brings high-quality video content.
  • It gives the best results when used on Chrome or Firefox.
  • It gives an option to the users through which they can directly broadcast animation videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other available platforms.
  • The export quality of videos is HD.

Verdict: An easy-to-use animation tool that delivers high-quality results at a cut-down price. The advanced features of Moovly support multiple languages such as Czech, Dutch, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, etc. 


  • Pro Plan – $49/month
  • Max Plan – $99/month

The Last Is – Animaker: First-Class Whiteboard Animation for All Your Business Needs

Best For: Best results in animation and live-action videos

Available at: Web-based

Users: Beginners, professionals, & non-designers,

Deployment: Cloud-based

Free trial only for: Pro plan available

Pricing: Basic: $10/month, Starter: $19/month, Pro: $39/month, etc.

Animaker is the last yet top-rated animation video maker tool launched in 2014. This cloud-based software allows users aesthetic animation in high-definition, with the help of multiple pre-built templates. To give you next-level experience, the software also introduces appealing characters. It is to ensure that your brand marketing and promotional campaigns look professional. Furthermore, Animaker supports 25 languages and has more than 50 human-like voiceovers.

These features of VideoScribe make it outstanding in the market:

  • Animaker offers 50 different transition effects.
  • The quality of this animation tool is HD which is 5 times more excellent than others.
  • The loading time of Animaker is three times faster.
  • It also gives 500 like-like animations.

Verdict: According to the most honest reviews, Animaker has won hearts. It has the most amazing outcomes and features that add extraordinary beauty to the animation.


  • Basic Plan – $10/month
  • Starter Plan – $19/month
  • Pro Plan – $39/month


Here is the wrap-up of the top 3 outstanding whiteboard animation software in the 2022 edition. I hope you find this article informative and interesting.

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