Acumen EHR vs Amazing Charts  – What Can it Do For Your Practice?


If you are a medical professional or healthcare manager, you may be interested in Acumen EMR, a medical software program that offers a comprehensive suite of functions. The program facilitates direct communication between patients and clinicians, enables efficient documentation, and helps to reduce claims denials. Among other features, it also supports reporting capabilities and data sharing with other Epic and non-Epic communities.

Data sharing with other Epic and non-Epic communities

An EHR can facilitate a smooth transition to value-based care. In addition to reducing frustration and collections, an EHR can help a practice demonstrate continuous improvement. It also helps with patient safety, continuity of care, and clinical decision support.

Epic is a leading provider of EHRs. It has a large user base, which includes both physicians and hospitals. It is used by most tertiary care sites in the region, and it generates a lot of revenue for its clients. It is also easy to use. Its MyChart portal is an excellent feature. It allows users to search for documents by document type.

Facilitates efficient documentation

An EHR is a medical software that is intended to help practitioners better document patient information. This may include medical history and laboratory results, and it can also facilitate scheduling of appointments. However, many healthcare practices find that the task of navigating this software is daunting. The Acumen EMR has a dashboard that offers a user-friendly interface that helps to reduce the learning curve.

The Acumen EMR is a powerful tool that can help you to schedule appointments, and you can save time by replacing canceled appointments with new ones. Another important benefit is its billing feature. The system can assist you in improving financial performance in your practice.

Facilitates direct communication with patients

The team at RenalCare Associates have been involved in the development of Acumen 2.0 since early 2017. With a population of over 44,000 and two inpatient co-management contracts, the RCA team was looking for a way to better manage these patient groups. Using the MyChart portal, they were able to get their patients the benefits of modern day health information technology, including direct patient communication and the ability to schedule their own appointments. With the help of the latest clinical and information technologies, the team at RCA has a clear path to continued success.

The team at RCA found that the coding solution that they opted for, coupled with the software gurus at Epic, resulted in a more streamlined practice. The system also provided an enhanced ability to manage patient groups in a way that a lesser quality solution could never achieve.

Reduces claims denials

Using revenue cycle management technology to reduce claims denials is an effective way to ensure the timely capture of revenue. However, before you implement any technology solution, you should consider how much money your hospital generates in claims. If you aren’t collecting on every dollar owed to you, you will be faced with a host of problems down the road.

For example, the American Medical Association estimates that inefficiencies in claims processing cost between $21 billion and $210 billion annually. While this may seem like a daunting figure, the problem is relatively easy to solve. The key is to know your initial rates and trends, and to identify the root causes of denials.

Appointment scheduling function

The Acumen EHR appointment scheduling function helps medical professionals improve the efficiency of their appointment schedules. It not only reduces no-shows, but also provides important clinical and demographic information. In addition, this function ensures patients’ timely and hassle-free payments.

The Acumen EHR also features a patient portal that allows doctors to easily view patient records from anywhere in the world. This also includes lab results. The portal is customizable to meet the needs of any practice.

Moreover, the software provides a variety of other features to help physicians improve their performance. These include a mobile application, secure messaging, and e-prescribing. This software is also available in customized feature bundles that offer more advanced capabilities.

Reporting capabilities

Acumen EHR reporting capabilities are designed to help practices improve the quality and efficiency of their services. The software provides a wide range of digital tools, including an integrated nephrology-specific solution, that make it easy for clinicians to connect with skilled physicians and laboratories, and manage patient care.

Its cutting-edge products streamline the EHR process, and empower practices with the necessary tools to achieve the financial and clinical outcomes they desire. The platform combines Epic’s world-class EHR with practice management, registry, and value-based care initiatives to create a single, comprehensive solution.

Its robust reporting capabilities are designed to make it easier for patients to get the treatment they need, and providers to maximize the effectiveness of their billing and collection efforts. Its unique features allow for seamless integration with practice management systems, and allow for the sharing of patient information with other health care organizations within the Acumen network.

Amazing Charts EMR Software Review

Amazing Charts is a powerful and affordable software that allows you to schedule meetings and appointments in a matter of minutes. It also provides you with a variety of scheduling features such as email reminders and call-backs. Plus, the user interface is easy to use and the software is certified by the SureScripts program.

Easy-to-use interface

Amazing Charts is an EMR software provider that provides solutions for physicians across the globe. Its solutions help improve patient care, simplify the charting and billing process, and reduce errors. It’s also an affordable option for independent medical practices.

Amazing Charts is a web-based system that enables users to access critical patient information with one click. The software also has features such as e-prescribing, scheduling, and interoffice messaging. It is easy to learn, so even a beginner will be able to use the software.

Aside from the ease of use, Amazing Charts also offers practice management and billing tools. This helps providers spend more time with patients. It is a great fit for solo practitioners, but it is also compatible with larger practices.

Using a well-designed EMR can boost productivity in a private practice. It will allow you to document more quickly and efficiently, and it will also give you actionable insights. It also lets you send secure messages to patients, which means you can provide the best possible level of service.

Powerful scheduling tool

Amazing Charts EHR is an affordable, easy-to-use, and highly rated EMR software solution that is popular with doctors. The solution is designed to simplify charting and billing and is ideal for small practices. The software includes all the features needed for a comprehensive medical record, including e-prescribing, scheduling, billing services, and document management.

Amazing Charts EHR was built by a family physician, who recognized the need for an effective and simple solution for independent physicians. Since its launch, the product has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of clinicians, and it has been adopted by over 6700 independent medical practices.

Amazing Charts EHR offers a streamlined practice management solution for both office and home. It is a cloud-based platform that provides full revenue cycle management. It also provides a wide range of value-adding services, such as patient portals, automated benefits checking, interoffice messaging, and more. The company estimates that its revenue has reached $26.2 million.

SureScripts certification

Amazing Charts EHR software is a reliable and affordable solution for independent practices. This system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It is designed to streamline the charting, billing and scheduling processes. It can also help your practice increase revenue.

It offers features like integrated billing services, pre-configured dashboards, and a robust patient portal. This platform can also be customized to your needs. You can choose to add additional interfaces and enjoy discounts.

The user-friendly design of the software makes it easy for providers to access and understand information. Its one-page layout helps physicians to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

Another advantage of Amazing Charts EHR is that it provides remote scanning. This function can be accessed through the web or through a mobile device. The system has a built-in e-prescribing module that enables doctors to send prescriptions electronically.

The software also supports automatic eligibility verification. It is certified to meet HIPAA standards. It has a free three-month trial.

Affordable price tag

Amazing Charts EHR is an EHR solution that provides a simple, affordable and user-friendly system for independent practices. The EHR has a wide range of features that will help streamline your office’s workflow and increase efficiency.

Founded by a family physician in 2001, Amazing Charts focuses on simple and straightforward solutions. With a large number of in-built templates and charts, the software makes charting easy. Moreover, it automatically creates an electronic superbill. This feature minimizes the chances of re-documenting the same information.

The system is designed to work on any computer, so you can access patient records from anywhere. Additionally, the EHR is HIPAA-compliant. With Amazing Charts, you can easily rebook appointments, document patient encounters, and run reports. You can also request custom reports.

Its one-page layout helps you to see more information at once. The software can save you time and effort, as it eliminates the need to manually enter prescription details. Furthermore, patients can receive medication instructions in 18 different languages.

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